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Neutral Horizontal Organizers

Neutral Horizontal Organizers

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Organizer Color
Threads color (stitching + embroidery)
Multi-functional waterproof and easy to clean organizer. It is also Foldable so easy store. With a hand-embroidered cute design in the corner matching the color of the thread.


No. of hours spent to create each item: 1 hours 35 mins to 2 hours 35 mins
No. of up-cycled bags: 3-8 bags


All white or grey or black based on your selected color with stitching and cute hand-embroidery (sun or cloud or wave, or birds or palm or fish) in the same thread color.


Hand-wash with a cloth and water. Easy to clean and dry.


Dimensions are defined next to the size of each basket.
l is the length. w is the width.h is the height.

Made from hand-ironed up-cycled plastic bags making it the most durable and easiest to clean!


As each product should be relevant to you, you can customize the size, colors (if available) and you can even add your name or logo or design with hand-embroidery or stitching for an extra EGP 20-50 based on the design.
So if you have chosen to customize, please fill in the following:

Customization Details Request

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Our best catch!

Those organizers will definitely change your life forever, they will just keep everything in the right place!

  • Guranteed durability and longer life-span to plastic bags

     We promise that this product made from up-cycled plastic would be your companion for at least 400 days. To keep this guarantee  we encourage you to return the product if it depreciates in any way and we will fix it for minimal costs or replace it or give you a voucher🌻 Follow refund policy procedures for your guarantee.

  • Human-centered process

    Co-created, co-designed and co-crafted in a kind environment that engages the women of Qursaya Island. Where local hand-crafts are integrated with an up-cycling twist and customization is endless ⛵️