About VeryNile.Shop

VeryNile Shop is an innovation workshop that creates up-cycled and recycled everyday products in the fields of fashion & lifestyle, furniture & decor as well as materials, accessories & packaging. We are also a producer for other local brands.

We up-cycle plastic bags that are donated through the Egyptian Clothing Bank, and recycle plastic bottle caps fished by the local fishermen and sorted by our plastic operators at VeryNile. We have up-cycled more than 35,000 plastic bags so far.

About the artisans

We co-create with communities living around the Nile, currently focusing on Qursayah Island. The artisans are engaged in the design, production and management of all activities.

VeryNile.Shop currently engages 21 artisans on full-time basis including 16 women and girls from Qursayah. The production and quality process is managed by Fatma.

The artisans used to have limited access to sustainable income and faced challenges seeking job opportunities outside the island. They also help us engage up to 30 more women/girls on project basis, developing the latter's capacities through on the job training.

  • Om Mohamed (Sabah)

    The backbone of our workshop. She is the materials preparation expert and the co-innovator of our baskets collection boat⛵️

  • Nada

    Our most recent full-time hire. She is the fastest learner and a soon to be machine sewing expert 🧵

  • Om Kamal (Shadia)

    The first believer who engaged the first group of women and girls 🌻 She is also our technical expert for crochet stitching and the co-innovator of the baskets collection.

  • Menna Hesham

    Our Creative Director and Project Manager. An innovator in every way you could imagine!

  • Salma Ellakany

    VeryNile.Shop founder.

  • Om Hana (Doaa)

    Our raw materials inventor manager and the one keeping us all on track, an entrepreneur by nature 🌴

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