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Shoka w Megdaf

WATA! show by Clowns Without Borders Belgium - Friday 17/5 at 2:30 pm

WATA! show by Clowns Without Borders Belgium - Friday 17/5 at 2:30 pm

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A unique show by Clowns Sans Frontières Belgique (Clowns Without Borders Belgium) on Qursaya Island. Arrive at the island by 2:15 pm and enjoy the view from our beautiful rooftop!

WATA! is the musical journey of two thirsty clowns looking for the vital treasure : WATER! What if even the last drop of water was lost? Equipped with a lot of recycled objects, these two strange searchers explore a world in plastic to find the smallest drop of the blue gold. People, are you ready to help them?

By: Serena Galante et Lionel Boyer

A show for all age groups! Book your free ticket here to reserve your space. Pre-registration is required.

    WATA! is a young audience performative and pedagogic project created by Bricophonik in 2019 and realized with the support of Clowns Without Borders Belgium and Handicap International Marocco. The starting points of our research are the difficult access to drinking water for more and more populations, due to global warming and a global mismanagement of water resources, and the plastic pollution, whose primary responsibility is precisely bottled water, because of its plastic packaging. Thus, was born WATA, a show for children and their families, thought also for nursery and primary
    school children (3-8 years).

    *Water and hot drinks will be available.


    MUSIC is original compositions by the company, played live during the performance.
    WATA ! has been performed more than 100 times in Europe and Africa and it has been laureate in Les Tailleurs street theatre festival in Belgium in 2022.


    We imagined a world invaded by plastic bottles and two thirsty and dusty characters coming out from futuristic and strange universe in search of water!
    Thanks to their passion and determination, these two clumsy explorers arrive to move and make us laugh, while reminding us of the importance of questioning the future of our planet and our relationship to consumption.

    The show is WITHOUT WORDS. Instead, we have music, rhythm, movement, singing, puppets...a combination of all the performing arts in a crazy and colourful farandole, with a scenography built in from RECYCLING, plastic waste and a good dose of imagination.


    Location |
    On the Nile island of Qursayah located off Bahr El Azam road in Giza, (Search for VeryNile HQ Entrance on Google Maps).

    Arrive starting 1:30 pm and by 2:15 pm. Contact +201005555039 to send you a bot to cross.

    Upon arrival you will get the chance to enjoy the view, have a walk around the island and you'll get introduced to VeryNile and its projects!




    You can privately book the whole location for your family and friends or corporate event. Please contact us directly for private booking rates on or on @shokawmedaf
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    A one of a kind experience by the Nile... hosted by Shoka w Megdaf!

    Shoka w Megdaf started by wanting to feed VeryNile staff more efficiently and healthily instead of ordering food with a lot of single-use plastic. Om Nada, one of the women of Qursaya, started making local delicious food and everyone fell in love with her food instantly. Since then, the idea of an eco-friendly kitchen started.

    • Guranteed durability and longer life-span to plastic bags

       We promise that this product made from up-cycled plastic would be your companion for at least 400 days. To keep this guarantee  we encourage you to return the product if it depreciates in any way and we will fix it for minimal costs or replace it or give you a voucher🌻 Follow refund policy procedures for your guarantee.

    • Human-centered process

      Co-created, co-designed and co-crafted in a kind environment that engages the women of Qursaya Island. Where local hand-crafts are integrated with an up-cycling twist and customization is endless ⛵️